Howard, Mark

Mark Howard (b. 1963)

Mark Howard is an observer of the city neighborhood, with its shards of materials and life. He draws inspiration from them and creates recognizable yet mysterious and powerful works. The text for Third Precinct, found in a police station, notes the discovery of fingerprints at the scene of a crime. It was translated into laser cutouts. Above the text two pairs of hands in handcuffs clutch bars. The mural on the side of the Cleveland School of the Arts building looks like transformed cutouts of people unified by pattern and arrangement along the fašade. The color is vibrant reflecting the mood inside. Third Precinct was a relief sculpture originally part of the "Urban Evidence: Contemporary Artists Reveal Cleveland" Installation at the Cleveland Center for Contemporary Art (now Museum of Modern Art Cleveland) Mark Howard has had other major commissions including the ceiling Clio and the Death of Hyacinthus, 6th floor, Louis Stokes wing, Cleveland Public Library

Third Precinct