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Bibliographic Notes

The comprehensive histories of Cleveland usually start with William Ganson Rose, Cleveland: the Making of a City (Cleveland and New York: World Publishing, 1950) followed by the Encyclopedia of Cleveland History: 2nd edition (Bloomington and Indianapolis, 1996). There are other condensed histories on Cleveland and books about history and opinion about the future. There are studies of Cleveland’s ethnic and racial communities, cultural traditions and Cleveland art. In this last area, there are few books and many excellent written and photographic sources that can be found at Cleveland Museum of Art, Kent Smith Library at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland State University, Cleveland Institute of Art, Western Reserve Historical Society, Cleveland, Ohio and the Archives of American Art and the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. There are complete bibliographical notes in William H. Robinson and David Steinberg, Transformations in Cleveland’s Art, 1796-1946: Community and Diversity in Early Modern America. (The Cleveland Museum of Art. 1996)

The following bibliography of catalogues is enormously helpful for expansion of biographies and careers of the artists in this chapter. Information about the Catalogues of the Cleveland Artists Foundation exhibits are available on the website

Helpful resources in architecture are Gaede, Robert C. and Kalin, Robert, eds. Guide to Cleveland Architecture. 1st ed.,1991. 2nd ed., 1997. Cleveland: AIA Cleveland, a chapter of the American Institute of Architects, Johannesen, Eric. A Cleveland Legacy: The Architecture of Walker and Weeks. and Cleveland Architecture 1876-1976. Cleveland, 1979, published by the Western Reserve Historical Society as well as Mary-Peale Schofield’s Landmark Architecture of Cleveland, 1976, Pittsburgh: Ober Park Associates, Inc.

One of the most useful resources is the state compendium Artists in Ohio, 1787-1900: A Biographical Dictionary compiled and edited by Mary Sayre Haverstock, Jeannette Mahoney Vance, and Brian Meggitt (Kent,Ohio: Kent State University Press,2000.)

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