Suggested Units of Curriculum


Schrekengost & Lakewood

Early Settlers, north side of Lakewood High School, Viktor Schreckengost (b.1906 )


Abraham Lincoln

Statue of Lincoln giving the Gettysburg Address, Max Kalish (b.1891-d.1945).


The Gilded Age & Cleveland's Downtown Architecture

Outer Lobby, Terminal Tower complex, photo by Jennie Jones


Interpreting black & white photograhs

Call and Post Newsboys, Allen E. Cole (b.1883 d.1970)


Harlem Renaissance & Cleveland

Anna, Charles Louis Sallee, Jr. (b. 1914)





Monuments and Memorial

Soldiers and Sailor's Monument sculptor and architect, Levi Schofield.(b.1842-d. 1917)

The Spirit of 1776

The Spirit of '76, Archibald Willard


Bourke-White and Depression-Era Images

Blast Furnace Operator with “Mud Gun” Otis Steel Company, Margaret Bourke-White (b 1904 d.1971)

Irony and Elmer Brown

Freedom of Speech, Elmer Brown (b. 1909 d. 1977)


Lovelace & Urban Life

Born Again, Michelangelo Lovelace (b.1960)


Creating a Suburb: Rocky River

Angelica Pozo and Penny Rakoff's Bench near Jacob's Field.

Cleveland History Through Murals

Freedom of Speech,
Elmer Brown (b. 1909 d. 1977).