Adventures in Looking 1: a view from a school

A view from a school, house, on a walk, in a building or sometimes just sitting can give artists ideas. They may see whole images, or just look at a small part of what is going on around them. They may see shapes, lines, or forms that make them remember other things or that remind them of someone or something.

As you go on this adventure in looking, think about what you see. Bridges.

Strong industrial bridges are the very hallmark of this city. They help people go somewhere by car, truck, trains, or walking. River traffic must go under them. Engineers built our bridges; sometimes artists design bridges. Artists see their shapes, lines and forms and surroundings. To celebrate the Bicentennial, artists designed lighting for 8 bridges over the Cuyahoga River with the intention of preserving this illuminated image of Cleveland in the night sky permanently. The Landmarks Commission of the City of Cleveland has nominated the bridges across the Cuyahoga as Cleveland landmarks so that no one in the future can change them without review. [Bridge Lighting Project image]

Helpful Websites: See websites on Cleveland Public Art for close-ups of Cleveland’s Bridge Lighting Project. For an artist-designed bridge see the web site of Santiago Calatrava. For all Cuyahoga River Bridges see web pages Bridges on the Cuyahoga River.

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