Research Topics
Crafts/Industrial Arts
For over 100 years, Cleveland art has been known for quality especially in the crafts.
List 6-10 art forms that the crafts encompass. Find examples of each. Use the Glossary. Use Links for Assistance.
Forms of Crafts Examples


Explain Industrial Design
Identify one craft/art form that you would like to explore.

First, identify an artist who lived in the first half of the century (1900-1950) from the
internet/website that interests you and whose life you would like to know more about. Be able to explain:

  When the artist was born and when this artist died.
Where that artist was born.
How the artist learned to work at his/her art.
What materials/tools the artist used.
What areas of study does the artist apply in the work (math, science chemistry/physics), oral and written skills
What subjects the artist explored
Where/how did this artist get ideas?
Where/how can we see this work?
Describe two other important historical events that went on during this artist’s lifetime.
Secondly, select an artist living today who works in the same art form.
In planning to interview/visit this artist in his/her workplace or studio think about
questions you think you would like to ask. You might start by looking carefully at the workplace and describing it as if you were a newspaper reporter. Some questions may occur to you, but you might start with some like the following.
  How did this artist learn how to work at his/her art?
Does he/she always use the same materials? Why? Why not?
How have materials changed over the years?
Do some artists use more than one medium in a single work of art? i.e. photography and paint, ceramics and photography.
Construct other questions you would like to ask this artist.
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